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Townhouse implies a multifamily household dwelling unit which happens to be hooked up to other dwelling units together a single (1) or either side and which occupies the creating area from ground level for the roof without having dwelling models located higher than or beneath.

Undeveloped land suggests a parcel of land which doesn't have an inhabitable making or where the inhabited properties occupy no more than a few (3) % of the whole parcel area.

Clinical marijuana patient cooperative signifies a group of four or less qualifying patients and/or designated suppliers who share obligation for generating and processing cannabis just for the healthcare use of the members from the cooperative, pursuant to, and in accordance with, the many terms and conditions of RCW 69.51A.250, as now enacted or as subsequently amended.

Facade modulation suggests a horizontal stepping back again or projecting forward of portions of a making facade.

Grade suggests the lowest level of elevation of your finished surface of the ground among the outside wall of a setting up and some extent 5 (five) toes distant from this kind of wall, or the lowest position of elevation of your completed surface area of the ground in between the exterior wall of a setting up and also the assets line if it is less than five (5) ft distant from this kind of wall.

Safe Local community transition amenities are viewed as class III group households. Safe Group transition services shall Have a very optimum of 3 (three) citizens, excluding resident team, Until the point out agency proposing to ascertain and work the facility can show that it's got equitably dispersed other protected Group changeover facilities with the exact same or possibly a greater variety of people in other jurisdictions or communities all through the overall geographic restrictions of King County.

Main nonconforming developing or structure means any nonconforming setting up or framework Positioned over a parcel which at any stage borders or is in the household district and which isn't in compliance Using the minimum amount enhancement benchmarks in the district wherein it is located.

The setting up director shall have the discretion to classify a bunch house proposing to serve juveniles convicted of the offenses mentioned less than course III group property With this portion as a group home course http://www.pavetheway.co.uk III, and any such property shall be sited according to the polices contained in the team III classification.

In case you are implementing for a lot more than two comprehensive Price tag passes and wish to get the third or fourth move no cost, you will have to use by write-up (you cannot use on the net). Tick the box on Each and every kind that suggests you have got more than two youngsters and return every one of the forms collectively.

Normal high-drinking water mark, around the Eco-friendly River, Lake Fenwick, streams, marshes, and swamps, is mark that will be located by inspecting the mattress and banking institutions and ascertaining wherever the presence and motion of waters are so frequent and usual, and so extended continued in all common several years, as to mark on the soil a personality distinctive from that of the abutting upland, in respect to vegetation as that situation exists within the productive date of the title, or as it could naturally transform thereafter; provided, that in any place in which the regular large-h2o mark can't be located, the regular high-drinking water mark shall be the road of imply high h2o.

Minor nonconforming setting up or composition suggests any nonconforming making or construction which is not A significant nonconforming composition and which is not in compliance With all the least advancement specifications on the district during which it is located.

” B. Adult Movie theater means a professional establishment exactly where films, motion pictures, online video cassettes, slides, or identical photographic reproductions characterised by an emphasis to the depiction, description, or simulation of “specified anatomical places” or “specified sexual actions” are frequently revealed for any form of consideration.

Nonconforming large amount of file usually means any validly recorded ton which at the time it was recorded completely complied Along with the relevant laws and ordinances but which won't totally comply with the lot needs of this title.

A. Will persist within a harmful form for many years or maybe more at a disposal web page and which in its persistent kind:

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